Welcome to Healing Serenity

Welcome to the new website for the Free company, Healing Serenity. We are a new guild with lots of experience running groups in MMO's and Final Fantasy. We have a good mix of both new and experienced players and are opening our doors for new members who want to join the family.

Play any other MMO's and need a home? Healing serenity is part of the Sanctuary gaming group and have a sister guild in both World of Warcraft and Guild wars 2, feel free to ask helen for more information

Happy Gaming

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helen: testing
helen: Welcome to the new site guys :D
Guest_1477: It won't let me sign up :(
Guest_9958: sorry not been on sooner, been poorly wilk now
Guest_9958: working now :)
helen: that was me btw
Guest_6468: oh hi
Guest_6864: healing serenity...
Guest_3669: anyone warframe...
Guest_9048: any play vindictus....
Guest_5062: I don't suppose anyone still plays this?
Guest_5062: Didn't think so ^^
Jade: I think people are still playing the website is just not active I just found out. I don't know if you can but I suggest finding a member in-game
Guest_2582: efefef
Guest_2582: Watch Streaming Movies

Streaming Movies Full

Resep Sehat Alami
Guest_2582: efef


:) :( ;) :P :D :| :O :S O.O 8) :_( :-* (!) (?)

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